Information for Swedes in South Africa

24 Apr 2020

On April 23 President Ramaphosa announced that on May 1 South Africa will move to risk level 4 in the Corona virus management. This means that the lockdown in principle remains with some restrictions being eased. Please make sure you keep yourself informed about which rules apply.

It is also clear that regular international flights remain prohibited. According to the Embassy’s information regular international flights will only be allowed when South Africa moves to risk level 1. Even then some restrictions will remain.


On Sunday April 26, the last repatriation flight will leave for Europe. With this all Swedes that registered for repatriation will have left South Africa. No more repatriation flights are planned.


Swedish citizens that remain in South Africa may send the information requested below to The embassy will then contact you should any flight possibilities come up in the future. The Embassy, however, wishes to underline that no more repatriation flights are presently planned.


  1. Citizenship
  2. Copy of your passport (scanned or a good photo, max 2MB)
  3. Confirm in which city you presently are
  4. Confirm how you would travel to the airport if a repatriation flight would be possible (Taxi/Uber/rental car or private also need registration number, car make and color and name of driver)
  5. Full name and surname (according to passport)
  6. Personal number or full date of birth
  7. Passport number
  8. Last day of validity of passport
  9. Male/female
  10. Departure from Cape Town or Johannesburg (Choose one option)
  11. Address in South Africa
  12. Email address
  13. Phone number and/or mobile phone number (OBS! Include country code)
  14. Special reasons, if any (i.e. if you belong to a risk group, underlying medical condition, pregnancy, families with small children etc.)
Last updated 24 Apr 2020, 2.09 PM