Information about possible repatriation flights

18 May 2020

The Embassy has received information that Qatar Airways will continue with their repatriation flights from Johannesburg to Doha a few more weeks. Last week around 25 Swedes left with the Qatar Airways flights that left on May 12 and 16 respectively.

According to information from the airline, the next flights are leaving on May 20, 24 and 28. There may be a few more flights in June. Bookings are made directly with Qatar Airways Please note that the booking must be made at least 108 hours before departure, as all passenger information must be cleared with South African authorities.

When you have made your reservation, place send a copy of your booking confirmation and a copy of your passport as well as information about your address here in South Africa so that the Embassy can issue a Certificate of Travel, which enables you to travel from your place of residence to the assembly point here in Pretoria.


Italy is presently organizing two repatriation flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town at the end of May. Unfortunately, there will be very few places for other EU-citizens, so the Embassy will contact those with the most pressing needs to leave when/if we should be offered any seats.


Some other EU-countries are also looking at possibilities for a few more repatriation flights. There is currently no confirmation on when these may take place, but the Embassy will come back with information as soon as we have anything more concrete on this.


Please note that the Swedish Embassy provides support to Swedish nationals, Icelandic nationals and other nationals who have their residence in Sweden only. All other nationals are encouraged to contact their respective Embassies for information on repatriation.

Last updated 18 May 2020, 3.07 PM