Important information about repatriation flights to Europe

01 Apr 2020

First and foremost, the Embassy would like to thank all Swedes in South Africa for your readiness to promptly answer our mailings and we understand the frustration of waiting for information, but we are doing our best to get you on flights to Europe as soon as possible. The first flights should leave South Africa on Friday night and then we will have to see what the frequency will be.

We do, however, want to underline that we can’t give a 100% guarantee that this is all going to work.

The Embassy would also like to draw the attention to the fact that travelling on a fully booked airplane is a risk for contagion. There is nothing we can do about this, as the demand for seats is very high.


Please read the following information about the flights with South African Airways that will leave from Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively:

  • The destination will be Frankfurt or Munich and it is thereafter each and everyone’s own responsibility to book onward flights. Commercial flights between German and Sweden are still running, so it should be possible to book onward flights in a regular way.
  • The price for the ticket South Africa-Germany, which will be paid afterwards, is estimated to between 500-800 euros. Each passenger will have to sign an obligation for payment at check-in.
  • It is a South African demand that each passenger is tested for Covid19 and fills in a health declaration at the airport. We do not foresee that test results will be ready before departure. Testing is done as a means for South African authorities to do virus tracking in case of a positive test.
  • Persons showing symptoms of Corona virus at check-in will not be allowed on board. Persons that at the time of travel is under South African mandated quarantine or self-isolation will not be allowed to travel.
  • In good time before traveling, each passenger will receive a notification from the EU-delegation’s FLY HOME-email address with information about departure date and time as well as destination.
  • You will be asked to go to an assembly point (addresses for these will be given later) and from there you will be taken by bus to the airport.
  • The Embassy will provide everyone with a certificate that allows you to travel from your place of stay to the assembly point despite the lockdown.
  • South African Airways allows 2x20 kgs luggage per passenger, not more.
  • No pets will be allowed.
Last updated 01 Apr 2020, 11.47 AM