Important information about KLM flights

12 Jun 2020

The Embassy has just received information that KLM have flight scheduled for the following dates: - 17th of June Cape Town (booking closes Friday 12th) - 20th of June Cape Town (booking closes Monday 15th) - 21st of June Johannesburg (booking closes Friday 16th)

Flights can be booked on the KLM website ( or the call centre (+27102050101). Please find attached the information about this flight. 

For the website, you need to search specifically for the date and select one-way, otherwise it does not show up. KLM will close the flights five days before departure.


Some seats are reserved for Dutch citizens. Remaining tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 

When you have a reservation, send it to the Embassy ( together with your passport copy (if you haven´t already send it through to us before) and information about your address in South Africa and we will send you a Certificate of Transfer, that enables you to travel from your place of residence to the assembly point.


The Embassy would strongly recommend everyone that wishes to travel back to Sweden, to use confirmed flights that are available. It is still highly uncertain if and when regular flights may be allowed again.

Last updated 12 Jun 2020, 9.27 AM