Certificate for Travel for travel within South Africa for those who book flights with Qatar Airways

04 May 2020

The Embassy on 3 May shared the information received regarding the “charter relief flights” planned by Qatar Airways during May.

Those who choose to book a flight with Qatar Airways should as soon as possible send an email to the Embassy with their booking confirmation, a copy of their passport (a clear photo of the passport page, max 2 MB) and their current address in South Africa to information.pretoria@gov.se in order for the Embassy to issue a Certificate for Travel from the traveller’s address to the assembly point, which according to the information the Embassy has received will be the Embassy of Qatar in Pretoria. Further questions about the practical and logistical arrangements should be directed to Qatar Airways.


The Embassy cannot guarantee that the Certificate for Travel will be accepted at road blocks at for example provincial borders, but the experience from the EU repatriation effort in April is that it worked well for a large number of EU citizens who crossed provincial borders in order to reach assembly points.


Qatar Airways’ initiative is not part of the EU joint repatriation effort, which took place during April. The Embassy is therefore not a party to the arrangements and it is up to everyone who wishes to travel to inform themselves about the conditions and criteria in place for these flights before purchasing a ticket. Those who wish to travel with Qatar Airways also need to ensure that they fulfil the criteria for entry to Sweden during the travel ban that is currently in place.  See https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/embassies/south-africa-pretoria/current/covid-19/qatar-airways-are-organising-charter-relief-flights-departing-from-johannesburg-during-may/.

Last updated 04 May 2020, 11.04 AM