Swedish Government’s response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing our society. In recent weeks, the Swedish Government has presented a range of different measures to safeguard people’s lives, health and jobs.

On 1 February, the Government classified COVID-19 as a disease that constitutes a danger to society, opening the possibility of extraordinary communicable disease control measures.

The overall objective of the Government’s efforts is to reduce the pace of the COVID-19 virus’s spread: to ‘flatten the curve’ so that large numbers of people do not become ill at the same time. 

You can read the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven address to the nation by clicking here.

Below you can read about some of the measures taken by the Swedish Government: 

  • Official information on the novel corona virus: The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency collects advice of the responsible agencies in English and in Swedish.
  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden FAQ about COVID-19 (including schools, testing, quarantine etc  in Swedish (more comprehensive), in English.
  • Current epidemiological situation in Sweden is updated daily by the Public Health Agency of Sweden here (in Swedish only). (Internet Explorer entrance or Edge/Safari/Firefox/Chrome)


Last updated 15 Apr 2020, 7.37 PM