Museum of Women’s History

15 Apr 2019, 6.00 PM

Questioning historical narratives with focus on women’s presence in history will be the topic of a lecture by the Swedish Curator Helena Larsson Pousette at the University of Arts in Belgrade on 15 April!

Helene Larsson is the co-founder of the newly founded Stockholm Museum of Women’s History which focuses on women’s presence in history. The purpose of the museum is to tell stories about women which previously haven’t been heard and to encourage learning by shared experiences.

Helene Larsson has a profound career within the cultural sphere. She has previously worked as a cultural attache for the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and initiated and led projects that promotes mutual exchange between institutions and independent arts and culture, with the aim to create social change and long-term relationships.   

The lecture will go on from 18.00-18.50 and after that a conversation will be held which includes the participation of Lina Thomsgård, director of the Museum of Women’s history in Stockholm.

Hope to see you there!

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