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Embassy of SwedenBelgrade, Serbia

Local time 9:09 PM

Embassy Staff

Members of the staff at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade.

H.E. Ms Annika Ben David

Ms Bojana Maljukanović
Personal Assistant to the Ambassador

Political, Trade and Public Diplomacy Section

Ms Anna Sofia Erasmie
Head of Section
Deputy Head of Mission 

Mr Stefan Fredriksson
Defence Attaché (accredited from Budapest)

Ms Slavica Markovic-Sandić
Communications and Public Diplomacy Officer

Mr Bojan Cvilak
Political Officer

Mr Zlatan Milošević
Trade and Commercial Affairs Officer
Ms Ana Lojpur

Section for Administrative, Consular and Migration Affairs

Mr Björn Clavey
First Secretary 
Head of Section

Ms Rebecka Pavičić
Third Secretary
Archive and operational support

Ms Nataša Zoranović Divić
Administration and Consular Affairs Officer

Ms Ana Obradović

Ms Marija Danić
Migration Assistant

Ms Sanja Vidaković Omčikus
Migration Assistant

Ms Marijana Perović
Receptionist/Consular and Administrative Assistant

Mr Predrag Gačić

Mr Zoran Stojičić

Mr Marko Bošković

Ms Milja Damljanović
Cleaning and support

Ms Veroslava Pantelić
Cleaning and service

Development Cooperation Section, Team Serbia

Ms Anne-Charlotte Malm
Head of Section

Mr Paul Collins 
First Secretary
Programme Officer

Ms Snežana Vojčić
National Programme Officer

Ms Svetlana Nešović
National Programme Officer

Ms Jasmina Zorić Petrović
National Programme Officer

Ms Simona Drljača



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