A Taste of Sustainable Sweden

The Swedish foodtech sector is booming. A strong mix of a highly developed tech ecosystem, conscious consumers, advanced research on food and agricultural as well as a strong commitment by the government to make Sweden the world’s first fossil-free welfare state, gives us a strong position.

To become more circular, Sweden prioritizes a few important steps:

  • Ensuring sustainable production and transport in the food sector, based on a circularity
  • Minimizing waste and negative impact on the environment by promoting reuse and recycling
  • Supporting conscious and fair international trade and food production based on respect for labour and human rights
  • Supporting enhanced research and innovation and a systemic approach
  • Supporting EU as a frontrunner towards a global circular economy.


In this digital event together with Team Sweden (The Embassy of Sweden in The Netherlands, Business Sweden, Visit Sweden and The Swedish Chamber of Commerce) we give you ideas on how to use these products and how we together can make a faster transition towards a circularity through sustainable food and a sustainable lifestyle. 

During the event we also present a brand new concept of eating and drinking in the nature in Sweden and a press trip to Sweden taking place in the autumn.  

Watch the recording of the webinar:


Watch webinar.png

Last updated 10 Jun 2021, 11.59 AM