Embassy Staff

A total of 15 people work at the embassy, ​​three of whom are assigned by the Foreign Ministry, one person assigned by the Swedish Migration Agency and the Swedish Police Agency respectively. The embassy has a total of ten local employees. We also usually receive an intern every semester.

Jörgen Karlsson

Julia Eriksson Pogorzelska
Deputy Head of Mission

Eva-Britt Boix
First Secretary (Administration, Consular)

Jenny Nilsson
First Secretary (Migration)

Johan Grenfors
Nordic Police liaison officer

Naila Belkhadir

Rachid Zardoune
Administrative officer (accounting)

Sami Harrati
Administrative officer (communication and promotion)

Abdelaziz Tantaoui
Migration Assistant

Fouad Saaidi
Migration Assistant

Karima Favorit
Migration Assistant

Rachid Bouaouid

Bouchra Chnitifa
Maintenance of premises

Khallouki Khallouk

Leila Elomari
Administrative & Consular Assistant 

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