Temporary travel ban in Sweden comes into effect 19 March

18 Mar 2020

Following an EU decision, the Swedish Government has decided to halt international travel into Sweden. The decision, which is taken to mitigate the effects of the covid-19, comes into effect on March 19th and will be in force for 30 days, means that non-essential travelers cannot enter Sweden during this period.

The decision can be extended, but the Swedish government said in a statement that "it is an exceptional measure, which should not last longer than needed".
Swedish citizens and residents will still be able to return to Sweden, according to the decision. The entry ban will not apply to people who can demonstrate a particularly important reason to travel to Sweden, for example "diplomats, people in need of international protection and people who are to perform necessary functions in Sweden, such as healthcare staff and people transporting goods to Sweden". Nor will the decision, which is based on an EU agreement, apply to EU or EEA citizens.

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Last updated 18 Mar 2020, 3.49 PM