Sweden’s gift to Baltic countries on their 100th anniversary

On 26 May, Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström has presented Sweden’s gift in the form of three anniversary funds the Government intends to set up for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the occasion of their 100th anniversaries this year. The gift was announced at Skansen in connection with a four-party meeting between the Swedish and Baltic foreign ministers.

The funds are intended to promote a broad exchange between the people of Sweden and those of our neighbouring countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with a special focus on promoting relations between young people. The Government intends to set aside SEK 30 million (SEK 10 million for each country) as a basic contribution to the funds. The Government will also invite businesses, organisations and private individuals in Sweden and the Baltics to help ensure the funds grow, with the aim of creating lasting and dynamic relations in society, the economy and culture.

An interim committee led by former Minister for Finance Pär Nuder will oversee the process of setting up the funds.

On Saturday 26 May, Skansen was the venue of the XIV Baltic Day, which brought together over 500 participants from Swedish-Baltic diaspora groups for a cultural day of song, dance, music, food and crafts to celebrate the 100th anniversaries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The foreign ministers of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania took part.

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Last updated 14 Jun 2018, 11.35 AM