Lithuania and Sweden will co-operate in traffic safety project “Vision 0”

On 20 September Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Maria Christina Lundqvist and Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania Rokas Masiulis signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in transport policies between Lithuania and Sweden.
The memorandum focuses on cooperation in road traffic safety, transport policies, and the implementation of Vision Zero project. Sweden's experience in road traffic safety is highly valuable to Lithuania as is closer bilateral cooperation striving to improve road safety.
The agreement enables the countries to conclude more detailed information on the implementation of the memorandum provisions as well as action plans on concrete cooperation activities.
The memorandum of understanding has been signed at the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius.
The cooperation and action plans of this memorandum will be coordinated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications together with the Embassy of Sweden to Lithuania.

Last updated 01 Oct 2018, 12.21 PM