Swedish business presence in Lithuania and future market opportunities report

On the 10th of February 2021, the Embassy together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania organized a presentation of the study “Swedish Business in Lithuania and Future Market Opportunities” that was conducted in December 2020. During the remote event, main results and findings of the study were presented, in addition to discussing the reasons why Swedish businesses choose Lithuania and the most promising sectors for the further enhancement of Swedish investments in Lithuania.

Representatives of respective ministries, other state institutions, the media and business, as well as Swedish companies interested in their expansion in Lithuania took part in the event. In retrospect, since 1991 Swedish-Lithuanian political and trade relations have only strengthened and today both countries are bound by strong economic ties, with Sweden currently being Lithuania’s largest investor and one of the largest Lithuania’s trading partners. However, there are still plenty of business opportunities where the Swedish-Lithuanian collaboration could be enhanced even more, and the vulnerabilities and interdependency of global value chains that the pandemic exposed in 2020 is another reason to further explore the opportunities of increased collaboration with and sourcing from neighbouring markets.

“This year is very special – Lithuania and Sweden are celebrating 30 years of re-established diplomatic relations. During these 30 years, Lithuania has undergone a tremendous development and today our two countries are underpinned by common values and we stand as likeminded partners nurturing our close cooperation in a large number of fields. Green transformation, digitalization and innovation bringing new opportunities for our cooperation and will enable our economic ties to be strengthened even further. As the Report shows, the full potential for our business cooperation has not yet been exhausted, and this report will serve as a great point departure in order to further develop Swedish business presence in Lithuania” – during the event said ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Inger Buxton.

Feel free to read the whole study here.

Last updated 30 Mar 2021, 4.47 PM