Information regarding COVID-19 in Sweden

31 Aug 2021

Here you can find information about COVID-19 in Sweden as well as travel information to Sweden.

There is an ongoing outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The Government and the Government Offices are following developments carefully and are in continuous contact with the responsible authorities.

Certificate requirements for foreign nationals travelling to Sweden

As of 1 July in order to enter Sweden from another EU/EEA state, foreign citizens age 18 and above need to document that they do not have an active Covid-19 infection (show a negative Covid-19 test result) or present the EU Covid Certificate. This does not apply to entry from the Nordics.

The EU Covid Certificate is valid for entering Sweden from another EU/EEA country. Certificates are issued in an EU/EEA country, and every certificate has a unique identifier. The EU Covid Certificate contains necessary key information such as name, date of birth, date of issuance, in addition to information about:

vaccine against Covid-19 (vaccine certificate), 
negative test PCR test result taken within 72 hours before arrival (test certificate), or
recovery from Covid-19 (recovery certificate).

Answers to frequently asked question about the travel restrictions can be found on the Swedish Police’s website.

Travel to Sweden during the pandemic 

Recommendations for those travelling to Sweden from abroad

Health Authority in Sweden

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has a national responsibility for public health issues and works to ensure good public health. The agency also works to ensure that the population is protected against communicable diseases and other health threats. Please refer to their FAQs about Covid-19, including questions about quarantine etc. For more information, please visit this site.

Temporary Travel Ban to EU via Sweden

To mitigate the effects of the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the outbreak, a temporary ban on entry to the EU via Sweden is in force. The Government has decided to extend the entry ban until 31 October2021. Due to the coronavirus and the temporary entry ban to Sweden, the Swedish Migration Agency has decided that the majority of visa applications will be rejected. This applies if you wish to visit Sweden and are a citizen of a country outside the EU.

For more information, please visit these sites: Questions and Answers.

Information in Swedish

The Embassy of Sweden in Riga will continue to communicate all relevant updates through the Embassy´s website and social media.

Direct link to the Embassy´s travel information in Swedish: Aktuella händelser. 

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