Icons – An Exhibition about the Right to Exist

02 Jan 2021 - 30 Dec 2021

It is our pleasure to present the digital exhibition “Icons – An Exhibition about the Right to Exist”. The digital format provides a great opportunity to explore the exhibition for those who could not attend it in person or for those who want to relive it, as well as it presents a chance to listen to the life stories of the models.

'Icons' is Fotografiska museum's project in collaboration with the Glada Hudik Theatre, a unique theatre ensemble in which actors with and without mental disabilities act together. The exhibition displays 21 artistically expressive portraits in which the models with Downs syndrome act as various iconic characters, thus gaining an opportunity to take their rightful place in the world of art, society and history.

It is said that the level of a society’s development can be determined by how it treats its most vulnerable members, including people with disabilities.

Click here to enjoy the exhibition and stories Icons – An Exhibition about the Right to Exist

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