• Images that Change the World
    10 Mar 2021
    Who may be seen? Who may not? And why not? Who has the right to decide on who may be seen? Those are some of the questions which the project Images that change the world – a guide to more equal communication aims to answer.
  • Congrats Pippi
    10 Mar 2021
    Pippi Longstocking has encouraged countless girls to belive in themselfs and has become something of a role model in gender equality. During the workshop ‘Gender neutral working culture and environment’ the questions about what gender stereotypes are, how they impact our life, our attitudes, our work with clients will be presented by Iluta Lace, the director of "Centre MARTA".
  • Tekla
    08 Mar 2021
    To mark the International Women´s Day and promote a larger interest in technology among schoolgirls, the Embassy of Sweden, Riga TechGirls and Start IT invite you to a digital event on March 8, 10.00 – 12.00.
  • Emma Svensson
    02 Jan 2021
    It is our pleasure to present the digital exhibition “Icons – An Exhibition about the Right to Exist”. The digital format provides a great opportunity to explore the exhibition for those who could not attend it in person or for those who want to relive it, as well as it presents a chance to listen to the life stories of the models.