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Questions and Answers, Procurement Reference Number UM2018/46609, Kosovo:

The following questions have been received up until April 10, 2019. Questions submitted after this date will be answered shortly.

Question1: In Terms of Reference in Section 5. Key expert’s qualification under the point Key E5: Management and Organisational Development Expert state: A Master’s degree (where a university degree has been awarded on completion of four years study in a university or equivalent institutions) in management, business, human resource management or organisational development. In case a candidate for the Key Expert 5 Management and Organisational Development Experts position holds a degree in law (which covers extensive competences in in management and organisational development of state and administration) and has a long track record of post-graduate work experience and expertise in specializing in all the fields as required by the ToR and the DoA, including a certification in organizational development, would the candidate be considered to fulfil the above-mentioned education requirement?

Answer 1: A degree in a relevant subject (even if not specified in the ToR) combined with relevant, extensive, specific, work experience and relevant post-graduate certification might be considered the equivalent of the requirements of the ToR.

Question 2: The Procurement Document in Section 6. Tender and process and 6.1 Fees and costs explains how the prices, fees and costs should be explained. Please let us know if there is a particular template that should be used for this?

Answer 2: There are no specific templates outside of the provided documents in the procurement document with attachments that should be used for any purpose.

Question 3: In Attachment VI: Self Declarations by Tenderers under point 3.1 Reference Assignments, you are asking for submission of reference assignments carried out in the past without indicating the number of assignments and he period in which they have been carried out.  Please specify the number of reference assignments and the number of years in which they have been carried out.

Answer 3: There is no number of specific assignments requested or time period of these. In accordance with the procurement document with attachment VI the Tenderer should be ready to submit further information about past assignments should they be selected for the assignment. The Tenderer might consider three assignments within the latest five years as a rule of thumb.

Question 4: In Attachment II “Description of Action” (page 35) states that the key expert responsible for Result 3 has to be a full-time resident expert. In case an international is nominated for this position could you please confirm that a weekly fee rate of 3100 EUR) (respectively 300 Euro reimbursables per week) is to be paid?

Answer 4: The resident expert for Result 3 is not foreseen to be an international expert as this specific expertise is readily available in Kosovo. However, should the tenderer consider an international expert required, this experts fee and reimbursable is to be covered by the relevant budget line.

Question 5: In the Procurement document section 6 “Tender Prices” states that costs shall be expressed in SEK excl. VAT. The maximum budget available is stated in EUR. Up to 1 555 000 EUR (section 1.8 of the Procurement document). Could you please specify which currency we should use respectively which exchange rate we shall use to convert Euro into SEK currency?

Answer 5: The budget of the proposal is to be in SEK. The contract will also be in SEK. The conversion rate to be used is in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions §14.3 Currency: “Where it is necessary to decide the value of another currency in SEK, the value shall be calculated based on the market selling rate used by the bank currently chosen by Sida on the date of transaction or, if such a rate cannot be established, at a reasonable rate decided by Sida following consultations with the Consultant. Payments made under the Contract must be in SEK.”  NB: Sida’s bank is Danske Bank

Question 6: Can you clarify whether the budget is supposed to be proposed in EUR or SEK? The ToR, the DoA and other project documents seem to contradict each other. For instance, the fee levels and reimbursables are indicated in EUR in the DoA (p.61-62), the ToR presents a budget in EUR (p.10), the procurement document mentions that the "Prices, fees and costs shall be expressed in SEK" (p.13), and the Attachment VIIII-Budget is also in EUR. Can you confirm it is acceptable for the Service Contractor (SC) to present a budget in EUR, in accordance with the budget in the DoA?
Answer 6: See above on currency and conversion rate. The budget and contract will be in SEK.

Question 7: In the Budget (Attachment VIIII), can you indicate which exact budget lines contracted by the Service Contractor (SC) will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee?
Answer 7: The SC shall provide a budget relating to all budget lines marked SC in the Budget (Attachment VIII). Price evaluation will be performed on overall cost of SC proposal in accordance with §7.1 in Procurement Document.

Question 8: In the ToR (page 8) it is stated, that "the Programme manager function will also be managing all procurement processes under the Service Providers contract". While the DoA (page 50) mentions that "the PIU (Programme Implementation Unit) will also undertake all the needed procurement (equipment, surveys etc) connected to this extensive Programme". Does it include preparing Technical Specifications for the procurements? Will the Technical Specifications for the procurements be prepared by KAS or by the SC?

Answer 8: The Programme Manager functions as leader of the PIU. The PIU is responsible for, with the assistance of KAS, preparing Specifications for procurement. It should be noted that procurement related to the SC components is very limited. Statistics Sweden (SCB) will manage procurement under their respective components.

Question 9: We kindly ask for a 1-week extension of the deadline to submit the tender due to the technical issue on KommersAnnons' side with email notifications (see attached email).

Answer 9: The delay due to the technical error on the KommersAnnons site (where the procurement was published at the same date and time as on TED in accordance with Swedish and EU regulations) was minor. The deadline therefore remains at 23 April.

Question 10: Is there a set font size and margin for the proposal?

Answer 10: There is no set font size and margin. The proposal is to be legible and clear. A general recommendation is therefore not to use font under 11pt and with minimum 1.15 line spacing.

Question 11: Are the logframe, backstopping and non-key experts part of the page limit set for the methodology or can we put them in the annexes section?

Answer 11: Logframe is acceptable as annex. Backstopping and any non-key experts should be described in core proposals, CVs should be annexed.

Answer 12: Is there a certain format and page limit set for the CVs?

Answer 12: There is no set format for CVs. In accordance with the Procurement Document § 4.6. Qualifications and competence "The attached CVs shall focus on qualifications relevant to the assignment and shall not exceed 5 pages."

Question 13: Should we submit the CV for the Administrative Assistant?

Answer 13: No, this is not necessary and not specified in the procurement document, for the proposal. It should however at a later stage be shared with Sida.

Question 14: Is there a certain format for the references/past experiences?

Answer 14: No

Question 15: For activity 4.3 a user satisfaction and employee surveys are foreseen. Could you please define who the users are?

Answer 15: Users are users and producers of statistics within the NSS of Kosovo (to which the component refers as a whole).

Question 16: The current deadline to submit the tender for the above-mentioned project, is 23 April 2019, which is directly after the Easter holiday here in Sweden. Due to the Easter holiday, we would like to request an extension of the deadline to submit a tender, until 30 April 2019. Would this be possible?

Answer 16: See above. The deadline remains April 23.

Question 17: Where can we see the Question and Answers that may have been published? It is not possible to view any information about this tender on the swedenabroad webpage that is referred to at KommersAnnonseLite. We would be most grateful if you kindly could send all the Questions and Answers related to this tender, to the following e-mail address: XXXXX@XXXX.XX [NB: de-personalized]

Answer 17: All questions and answers are published on this page. No additional emails will be sent out with information.


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