Human Rights Hackathon to launch in Kosovo

05 Sep 2019

Do you want to change the world around you but you are not sure how? Get together with some of the brightest minds and innovate for human rights! Civil Rights Defenders, in partnership with Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is hosting the first ever regional hackathon to tackle human rights issues – ‘EqualiTECH 2019’ – on 27-29 September 2019.

Fighting for the advancement of human rights is an ongoing battle and as such, it demands the abutment of modern technological advancements. However, there is a clear shortage in the interplay of technological investments around human rights issues, frequently materialising as a roadblock for its advocates.

In an effort to reduce this gap, we invite participants with various backgrounds, skill sets, and creative abilities to form multidisciplinary teams and invent unique digital products to hack Human Rights challenges pertaining to 3 thematic areas:

1). Justice and Equality; 2). Freedom of Expression; 3). Access to Information.

This signature event challenges participants to place humanity at the forefront of design thinking and innovation. It aims to fuse the power of technological innovation with the generative capacities of human rights defenders and activists, in building ICT solutions as part of diverse teams, to support human rights work in the Western Balkan countries.

Under expert mentoring, the competitors of different backgrounds will have 40 hours to design innovative products that will elevate the work for human rights protection and advocacy.

‘EqualiTech 2019’ kicks off on the 27- 29 September, taking place at ICK’s event hub.

All interested candidates can apply here: 

The deadline for application is 17 September, 11:59 pm.

Last updated 05 Sep 2019, 10.14 AM