The situation regarding the Corona pandemic

28 Jul 2020

Due to a deteriorating situation in Kazakhstan in recent months with regard to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, a new quarantine regime was introduced on 5 July, which according to current information is valid until 2 August. It might be extended thereafter.

According to the quarantine rules, various types of gatherings with many people are prohibited. Furthermore, cinemas, theaters, museums, mosques, churches, gyms, hairdressers and several other kinds of establishments are closed. While domestic aviation continues to operate, public transport has otherwise been restricted.

Entry into and exit from Kazakhstan

Currently, during the Corona pandemic, the following applies to the entry and residence of foreign citizens in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has restricted the right of entry into and exit from the country. The country has suspended the right to visa-free entry for citizens of fifty-seven countries, including Sweden, until 1 November 2020.

A limited number, mostly irregular, flights to and from Kazakhstan occur. Recently, such flights have occurred with Lufthansa, Turkish airlines and Air Astana, among others. For further information, please refer to the airlines' pages on the internet.

Regarding foreign nationals stranded in Kazakhstan as a result of the Corona pandemic, Kazakhstan has on several occasions decided that persons who for that reason could not leave the country until a certain date could remain, even after their right to stay visa-free in the country or their visas expired, without incurring administrative liability. According to the latest decision, in order to avoid such liability, foreign nationals must leave the country before 5 August 2020. Foreign nationals whose visas have expired or who, as a result of the quarantine regime, have visas that could not be extended, are required to apply for an exit visa in time before 5 August at the local branches of the Ministry of the Interior's migration service.

Foreign nationals who are citizens of countries with which Kazakhstan has established direct (regular or irregular) air services are allowed to enter Kazakhstan provided they meet the visa requirement. The foreign citizen must therefore be a citizen of a country with which Kazakhstan has established regular direct flights, and travel from his country to Kazakhstan with a direct flight.

Last updated 17 Mar 2020, 2.00 AM