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Today, 1 February 2019, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) enters into force

01 Feb 2019

The EPA is the largest ever agreement of its kind and the effects of its entry into force include elimination of 91 % of customs duties on goods. Japan also undertakes to remove a number of non-tariff trade barriers and commits itself to international standards for, among other things, motor vehicles and pharmaceuticals. Further, the agreement enables closer cooperation between the EU and Japan in shaping new rules to facilitate trade in several areas.

The agreement also facilitates business travel and opens up the Japanese public procurement market to European companies in a number of cities and key sectors. Notably, the EU-Japan EPA is the first such agreement to include a comprehensive chapter on trade and sustainable development, which provides for commitments to environmental protection and workers’ rights. With regard to data protection, a parallel agreement on reciprocal adequacy of the respective data protection system will complement the EPA, allowing personal data to flow freely between the EU and Japan.

More information about the EPA is found through the links below – for instance information on how to profit from the reduced or eliminated tariffs.


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