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Entry ban to Japan

13 May 2020

As of 27 March there is an entry ban to Japan for all foreign citizens who have visited Sweden, and many other countries, during the past 14 days. On 3 April, the list of countries to which there is an entry ban was expanded and includes 73 countries and regions. This means that Swedish citizens who have visited these countries are not allowed to enter Japan. Swedish citizens who live in Japan – even those with a permanent residence permit – cannot return to Japan, if the date of departure from Japan is on or later than 3 April.

More information from the Japanese Ministry of Justice here.

Since 21 March there were already entry restrictions to Japan from many European countries, including Sweden. The right to stay in Japan for 90 days without a visa was suspended. Visas issued before 20 March were also suspended. Swedish citizens who are in Japan as temporary visitors can stay in Japan until the end of the 90 days period. In case the visa needs to be extended, please contact Japan Immigration Bureau.

State of Emergency in Japan

The state of emergency in Japan includes, since 16 April, the whole country. The measures will vary depending on the area, but will most likely include requests to stay at home and avoid non-essential journeys. Supermarkets, pharmacies and banks will remain open. Public transport can be expected to operate.  For more information, please check Japan National Tourism Organization. Information about policy in Tokyo is accessible here: Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Commercial flights

There are commercial flights operating to and from Japan. Please note, however, that many airlines have reduced traffic and cancelled flights at a short notice, and that the situation can change very quickly.

According to information that the Embassy has received, SAS has cancelled all flights between Tokyo/Haneda and Copenhagen until May 11. Flights after that date will be dependent on the regulations for travel in Japan and in the EU, which will affect the situation. We would like to once again emphasize how quickly the circumstances could change. Please check the airlines’ webpages for the latest information.

The Embassy recommends all Swedish temporary visitors in Japan (Swedish citizens and others with the right to enter Sweden and who intend to return to Sweden relatively soon, as opposed to Swedes who live in Japan) to consider to quickly return to Sweden.

Please contact your airline or travel agency, and your insurance company, about possible economic consequences.

Contact with the Embassy and Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Embassy’s opening hours are found here.

Read the recommendations of the Swedish MFA about the new coronavirus här

Swedish travelers are recommended to download the app UD Resklar, with easy to access travel information. If you haven’t registered your stay abroad, you are recommended to do so.

In case you have questions about the coronavirus to the MFA, and do not find the answer at Swedenabroad, you can send an e-mail to or call + 46 8-405 92 00.

More information

Please check the webpage of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan for updated information about the situation and recommendations.

Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents (TOCOS) gives advice in English to foreign citizens in Tokyo. Telephone number 0120-296-004. TOCOS is open weekdays 10.00-17.00.

You can call Japan National Tourism Organization  at any time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – at +81 50 3816 2787.

Please find questions and answers about the coronavirus at the webpage of The Public Health Agency of Sweden, här.

The WHO webpage has updated information about the coronavirus here.


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