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[ONLINE]JISS Seminar: Covid-19, Education, and Work-life balance

11 Jan 2021, 8.00 PM - 25 Jan 2021, 9.00 PM

JISS Seminar: Covid-19, Education, and Work-life balance

Presentors: Students of the School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University
Language: Japanese
Free of charge 
Part 1 (11 January 2020) Learning from Sweden under the Covid-19 pandemic
Masaya, HONGO, Policy evaluation and political trust under Covid-19
Hazuki, INOUE, Healthcare in Sweden: How do Swedes manage it?
Takeshi, KANNO, Swedish way of thinking as a prospective model for Japan
Sotaro, SUZUKI, Has Sweden failed to integrate immigrants?

Part 2 (18 January 2020) IT, education and innovation in Sweden
Riko, ICHIKAWA, IT and egality in Sweden
Nana, TAKIGUCHI, Swedish education to develop the sense of independence
Kumi, MIURA, Why do Swedes hold greater intellectual curiosity?
Ayaka, UENO, Growing talents - a lesson from the country with many innovative companies

Part 3 (25 January 2020) Work-life balance in Sweden
Haruna, KAWAMOTO, Working hours in Japan and Sweden
Rinka, KOKURYU and Haruhi WADA, How can we increase female managers in Japan - implications of Sweden
Saki, ARAHARA, Division of labor by gender and child raising in Japan and Sweden
Risa, NONAKA and Haruka, NEMOTO, How can Swedish women balance work and childcare?

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