Young Solander Track

In collaboration with Reykjavik Botanic Garden, the embassy organizes several activities to educate young people about the importance of biodiversity. The activities further encourage young people to engage in and explore the local nature.

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in sustainable development. On a global level, Sweden is working to strengthen biodiversity in several international bodies. At a local level, the Embassy of Sweden in Reykjavik has increased its ambition in climate diplomacy.

Young Solander Explorer Trail for Children 

Reykjavik Botanic Garden has created a Young Solander Explorer Track in their garden; a trail meant to inspire kids to discover their inner explorers. The project was inaugurated at the National Day of Sweden 2022 and will continue to be available to the wider public for approximately two years.



The Young Solander Trail.

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Last updated 27 Jul 2022, 12.33 PM