Commemorative Sculpture

The Icelandic sculptor Ingibjörg Ágústsdóttir from Stykkisholmur has created a symbol for the entire Swedish-Icelandic brand year.

P1600716.jpgThe beautifully painted wooden sculpture shows Daniel Solander, with Flora Islandica under his arm, in an imaginary conversation with Sigridíður Magnúsdóttir (1734 - 1807) on an autumn day in 1772. Magnúsdóttir belonged to one of Iceland's most wealthy families, and her traditional costumes have played a significant role in recent research on the subject. 

In the palm of Magnúsdóttir's hand, she holds a Lagopus bribe/Rjúpur/Fjällripa, whose symbolic meaning links Iceland and Sweden together. On the side of the sculpture's foundation, a Dryas octopetala / Holtasoley/Fjällsippa is located; Iceland's national flower and Lapland's landscape flower. On the opposite side of the sculpture is a verse line of Sweden's most beloved summer hymn in honor of nature, Den blomstertid nu kommer, in a Icelandic translation by Valdimar Briem.

All in all, the sculpture draws attention to what binds Iceland and northern Sweden together. The sculpture will tour around Iceland during the Solander 250 commemoration together with the art exhibitions.

Last updated 27 Jul 2022, 12.32 PM