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Statement by Swedish Foreign Minister Wallström in connection with the detention of Swedish citizen Gui Minhai

25 Jan 2018

Statement in connection with the detention of Swedish citizen Gui Minhai

We take a very serious view of the detention on Saturday of Swedish citizen Gui Minhai, with no specific reason being given for the detention, which took place during an ongoing consular support mission.

China's Ambassador in Stockholm was summoned to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs both on Saturday and yesterday.

As has been clear from media reports, Mr Gui Minhai was at the time of his detention in the company of diplomatic staff, who were providing consular assistance to a Swedish citizen in need of medical care. This was perfectly in line with basic international rules giving us the right to provide our citizens with consular support.

The Chinese authorities have assured us on numerous occasions that Mr Gui Minhai has been free since his release having served a sentence for a traffic-related offence, and that we can have any contact we wish with our fellow citizen.

We expect the immediate release of our fellow citizen, and that he be given the opportunity to meet Swedish diplomatic and medical staff.


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