The Government’s Statement of Foreign Policy 2018

13 Feb 2018

On 14 February, Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström presented the 2018 Statement of Foreign Policy in the Riksdag.

In her introduction the Minister reminded that the Riksdag decided hundred years ago to make the right to vote universal and equal for both women and men.

The Minister also reminded that democracy is at the core of Sweden's foreign policy. Its task is to create security when the rest of the world is troubled. Foreign policy manages the changes that occur all around us such as climate change, countries that are isolating themselves from the world or people who are displaced.

The primary goal of Sweden's foreign policy is to protect our country's security and that of our people. We do this in partnership with others, through an active foreign policy in which diplomacy, dialogue and cooperation are our most important tools. Our commitment to free trade, equality, gender equality and our extensive aid are important parts of this policy.

Please read the complete statement here.

Last updated 23 Feb 2018, 9.57 AM