Exhibition at the embassy: Women in Swedish diplomacy

26 Feb 2019, 2.00 AM

Pioneering a feminist foreign policy and administration have by centuries been dominated by men. Although Sweden appointed its first female ambassador already in the 17th century, it was not until the 21st century that men and women competed on equal terms.

In 2014 Sweden adopted a feminist foreign policy with the aim of strengthening the rights of women, increasing women's representation in all international fora and increasing women's political and economic resources. The word feminism in Sweden is not as charged as in many other countries, and is aimed primarily at women and men having the same opportunities to shape society and their own lives. This exhibition shows the development in Sweden bu highlightning some women who in various ways have been pioneers and role models - Cathrina Stopia, Agnes Lindquist, Alva Myrdal, Karin Söder, Anna Lindh, Margot Wallström.

The exhibition is open at the embassy's exhibition room in the cellar. Working days 9-17, lunch between 12.30-13.30. 

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