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Remake the City II

19 Sep 2018

Architectural Heritage, public spaces, pedestrian and cycling friendly cities are essential components of every city's urban dialogue. Citizens are also the vehicles of this dialogue.

Over the past week, Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex) in collaboration with the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) held the second "Remake the City'' programme in Alexandria. Participants from all over the region had extensive workshops, city walks and debates on how human centric city planning could be made. The Participants further to the conducted city walks came out with possible quick interventions to promote cycling and inclusive public spaces.

The overall objective is to promote the idea of dialogue on urban development and paving the way for a climate resilient city. The Programme also included a series of lectures in addition to a public debate between architects and urban planners from Germany, Egypt and Spain with the citizens of Alexandria on how urban planning and architecture creates the identity of cities and citizens.

Photos Credit: Hossam Ragab

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