Swedish lifestyle pop-up store in Hangzhou

12 Jul 2019

From July 9 to July 18, a Swedish lifestyle pop-up store is open to public at Qin Chen Li, a shopping mall by Alibaba, in Hangzhou. The store, launched by the Consulate General, has gathered more than 30 Swedish brands.

The Swedish-home-like store designed by IKEA houses a wide range of brands with household and consumer products. Most of the in-store products are available on Tmall and Taobao. The store provides Chinese customers with an opportunity to try Swedish products before they scan a QR code and place an order online.

Participating companies and brands include AIRINUM, Bigelius, Bluewater, Bread & Boxer, Farmors, Felix, Fillidutt, Ginatricot, Ice River Water, IKEA, Kosta Boda , Libero, Nordmarkens, Norrland Guld, OLW, Orrefors, PAP, Pauluns, Pistonhead, Playbox,  Pure Effect , Saturnus 1893, Scandic Food , Semper , STIGA, Stockholms, Studio, TANGENTGC, Testilleri and TRIWA.

Last updated 17 Jul 2019, 3.33 PM