A Green Embassy

All Swedish embassies around the world provides annual reports about their environmental management work. The Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa has a comprehensive approach to a more environmentally friendly workplace and residence, for the benefit of the environment, the community and the employees of the Embassy.

The sustainability reporting includes documentation of implemented measures, ongoing actions and suggestions for future improvements. For continuous improvement of the Embassy's sustainability performance, the Embassy has established a Green Office Steering Group which regularly meets and puts forward new ideas for the staff. The regulations have been implemented in accordance with the environmental goals of the Swedish Government and its Offices.

10 examples of the Embassy's sustainability initiatives:

• The Embassy has reduced its energy and electricity consumption, for example by using energy efficient bulbs and turning down the heat in office on weekends.

• The Embassy has reduced its paper consumption, for example by having paperless meetings, printing and copying two-sided, and only purchasing eco-friendly paper.

• The staff encourages e-mail receivers to consider the environment before printing documents/e-mails in the sent e-mail signature.

• Dish detergent, hand soap and other purchases for the Embassy kitchen is eco-labelled.

• All accepted paper, plastics, cans, glass and electronics at the Embassy office and the residence is being recycled. Organic waste is taken care of at the residence.

• The residence is growing its own vegetables in summer and herbs all year round.

• Instead of travelling, the Embassy uses a conference phone and a video conference system when possible.

• The staff favour the train over aeroplane travel within Ontario.

• There is an Embassy bike available for the staff to use to meetings, instead of using the Embassy car.

• The Embassy encourages the landlord and building owners work to reduce the energy and electricity consumption in the building.

Last updated 13 Sep 2018, 11.11 AM