Trying times, but we are working hard

The Embassy of Sweden in Phnom Penh is almost fully operational, even at this trying time of the Corona crisis. The Embassy is working with primarily the following:

- assisting Swedish nationals on consular matters
- dialogue with the Cambodian government, United Nations, European Union partners, bilateral counterparts, and civil society partners to identify where assistance is most needed in the current situation

- monitoring the political, economic and social consequences of the pandemic in Cambodia

- close dialogue with our partners within development assistance so that we can contribute to the fight against Covid-19, and mitigate the consequences for poor persons and vulnerable groups in Cambodia

Sweden’s development assistance through Sida is at the core of the Embassy’s activities. Sida has underline that the covid-19
pandemic is indeed global and can only be addressed with global efforts. Sida recognizes the difficulties that its partners experience at present. Sida will as a funding partner remain flexible. As always it is important to stress that development funding should be as effective as possible and investments should be safeguarded to as much as possible. In all crises the poorest and the most vulnerable are the ones most at risk and we need to keep on working for them. Sida states that it will never forget its mission – to fight poverty and spur sustainable development for all.

In other words, we’re here and we continue to work with partners with for the benefit of every Cambodian in these trying times.

Last updated 15 Apr 2020, 8.41 AM