Sweden Funds Arbitration Council Foundation

Phnom Penh (06th March 2019) – Today, the Embassy of Sweden signed an agreement to fund the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) to strengthen the industrial relations and labour market conditions in Cambodia. This one-year core support agreement is worth SEK 2.5 million (around US $268,000).

Established in 2005, ACF is a local NGO working to provide technical and managerial services for the Arbitration Council (AC) that is the national professional and independent institution mandated by the Labour law to resolve labour disputes in Cambodia. The AC is also considered a landmark institute for labour dispute resolution in Cambodia essential to support a stable labour market and contributing to the country’s social and economic development.

“Education and labour market is one of the focus areas for Sweden’s Development Cooperation with Cambodia. Arbitration Council Foundation has significantly contributed to solving the labour disputes with fair and equitable solution over the past years. Since 2014, Sweden has supported the Arbitration Council and Arbitration Council Foundation to continue resolving labour disputes and promoting social dialogues to contribute to a sound industrial relation environment in Cambodia,” said Mr. Samuel Hurtig, Sweden’s Head of Development Cooperation.

ACF promotes effective industrial relations by providing a forum for Cambodian workers and employers to seek fair and equitable resolution to labour disputes. These disputes are directly addressed in a timely and transparent manner, by hearing disputes and issuing balanced, reasoned and just arbitral decisions based on law. Between 2014-2018, Sweden funded the ACF over US $ 1.2 million to promote effective labour market governance environment for private sector and social development through the provision of a well-functioning and credible labour dispute arbitration system.

“The Arbitration Council has played a significant role and performed a good level of result achievement in the labour dispute resolution. As of 2018, ACF had received 2,765 cases affecting over 1.07 million workers in the industrial and service sectors across Cambodia. Among all cases received, the Council had achieved an extraordinary 73.20% case resolution success rate. We are so grateful for the generous support from donors, such as Sweden over the past years,” said Mr. Men Nimmith, Executive Director with ACF.

“We are so grateful for generous support from development partners. Activities towards sustainability are a priority for the ACF. We are committed to providing labour dispute resolution services that help hundreds of businesses and investors and several thousands of Cambodia’s workforces across the country,” he added.

Image of signing ceremony between Sweden and Arbitration Council Foundation.

Last updated 06 Mar 2019, 2.41 PM