Changes to Sweden’s presence in Cambodia

27 Nov 2020

Changes are being made to Sweden’s diplomatic presence in Cambodia. The Swedish Government decided on the 26 Nov 2020 that the Embassy of Sweden in Phnom Penh will be closed by the end of 2021. Sweden has good relations with Cambodia. These will now continue in new ways.

The intention is to concurrently accredit the Ambassador in Bangkok to Cambodia, and the activities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) will be transferred to the Embassy in Bangkok. The MFA will no longer have any staff stationed in Cambodia when the Embassy has been closed. Development cooperation will continue to be carried out by Sida.

These changes are part of the MFA’s continuous adaptation of its organisation abroad to external changes and new monitoring and service requirements. This is a constant process of change, and involves Sweden sometimes opening or closing embassies and consulates.

Press contacts: Ministry for Foreign Affairs Press Service

Here you can read the press release on the website of the Swedish Government.

Last updated 27 Nov 2020, 2.19 PM