Sweden supports enhanced research capacity in Cambodia

More and more Cambodians study and do research in Sweden. The high quality of master programmes and research combined with possibilities for scholarships make Sweden attractive.

“Sweden has a strong tradition of making higher education available to many. Knowledge, analytical skills and critical thinking are important both in the working life and in academia. Societies and business are constantly under transformation”, said Mr Björn Häggmark, Sweden’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, who hosted a gathering of Sweden Alumni Network of Cambodia.

“The Sweden Alumni Network of Cambodia brings Cambodians who have studied in Sweden together, and reconnects with Sweden. I am very pleased to be part of these discussions,” the ambassador said.

At the gathering, the Embassy of Sweden and the Royal University of Phnom Penh described the support from Sweden to enhanced research capacity in Cambodia, and what it means for the university.

“Enhancing knowledge and skills will be crucial for development in every country. There is no difference there between Sweden and Cambodia. Education, research, vocational training and a strive for innovation in a creative and open society can fulfil the potential of each individual and build a sustainable future,” ambassador Häggmark said.

Research prioritized by the low-income countries themselves solve local problems and contribute to poverty reduction. Swedish research support has a long tradition and stands on three legs; capacity building, support to research organisations and support to innovation. Sweden has since the late 1970s supported education programs aiming to build research capacity in low income countries. In Cambodia, Sweden has been one of the largest donors and played a major role in the development of the education sector. With the agreement with Royal University of Phnom Penh in January 2019, Sweden has now become one of the largest donors supporting research capacity building in Cambodia.

Last updated 05 Dec 2019, 1.18 PM