Opening of photo exhibition #letstalkaboutair at the Embassy of Sweden

05 Mar 2019

Ambassador of Sweden to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anders Hagelberg, opened the photo exhibition #letstalkaboutair 27 February in the courtyard of the Embassy in order to raise awareness about the issue of air quality in BiH . The photographers are BiH citizens who participated in the Facebook campaign #letstalkaboutair (#pricajmoozraku) with photos illustrating air pollution.

"Air pollution is killing citizens in this country, I've said this on many occasions. Therefore, it is very important that we talk about it, but also that we all, jointly, work on changing things. That is the reason why the Embassy of Sweden has organized this exhibition with the main goal to assist in raising awareness about the huge problem of air quality, or to be more precise, bad air quality. Sweden has been contributing to solving this problem, but the local authorities need to get engaged and take concrete action. I am fully aware of the complexity of the situation as well as of the fact that long term activities are costly, but at the same time those actions cannot be avoided. There are actions that can be undertaken immediately and they are not necessarily costly but in the longer run we also need a full transformation to form a future sustainable society" – said Ambassador Hagelberg at the exhibition opening.

The exhibition was attended by numerous citizens, representatives of the international community, media, NGO:s working with the environment as well as the authors of the photographs.

Kemal Softić, one of the authors and a young photographer from Sarajevo, said that by participating in the Facebook campaign #letstalkaboutair he wanted to show how much he cares about air quality.
"I think that we all need to contribute and be part of this problem solving process because it concerns us all" – he added.

This event facilitated discussions on air pollution and was an opportunity to exchange ideas and to learn more about projects funded by Sweden for environmental protection and improvement of air quality.

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