Roadmaps for Fossil Free Competitiveness

07 Sep 2021, 4.00 PM

Fossil Free Sweden & Industry Roadmaps - Challenges and Opportunities Towards Net Zero Emissions

Join the Embassy of Sweden

& Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce

Online 4:00 - 5:00 pm, 7 September 2021

For a conversation on roadmaps for fossil-free competitiveness
with Fossil Free Sweden & Industry representatives

Svante Axelsson, National Coordinator of Fossil Free Sweden, in conversation with David Leitch, Principal ITK Services Australia & Author at RenewEconomy

Roadmap Representatives from The Swedish Construction and Civil Engineering Sector & The Swedish Recycling Sector

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Svante Axelsson is the national coordinator for Fossil Free Sweden. He has a background as an environmental economist and has previously been the general secretary for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Fossil Free Sweden is a national initiative working to increase the pace of the climate transition. 22 Industry Roadmaps have been created to identify opportunities that the climate transition can provide for these industries and how it can be used as a commercial advantage. With a “bottom-up approach” industries created their own vision and targets and identified obstacles and proposals for solutions towards their journey for a fossil free competitiveness delivering on Sweden’s national net zero greenhouse gas emission target by 2045.

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David Leitch is the founder of ITK, an energy consultancy specializing in financial analysis of electricity, gas and decarbonization. ITK provides analysis of policy, bespoke price analysis and forecasting, and risk assessment in Australian electricity and gas markets. They provide investment modelling, supply and demand summaries and estimates and overall industry analysisDavid also contributes to the public debate by publishing voluntary research and analysis at and other sites and co-host the “energy insiders” podcast.

Roadmap representatives

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Ellen Einebrant is head of communications and climate strategies at the Swedish Recycling Industries, SRI. SRI focus on policy development to increase recycling and the use of recycled materials in Sweden.

Ellen is also the operations manager at Circular Sweden – a corporate network of producer companies in various industries that work together to improve the circulation of products and materials. She has a background as a communications and sustainability consultant, as well as a political official.

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Marianne Hedberg – Expert environmental matters at the Swedish Construction Federation, Byggföretagen, works with sustainability issues such as resource efficiency and waste, handling and phasing out of hazardous substances from construction materials and biodiversity. Currently rapporteur for a technical committee at FIEC.  Marianne has long experience from environment- and sustainability-related matters, and has previously worked with these topics at a major Swedish construction company as well as in local environment authorities.



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