Situation of Public Calamity lifted

01 Jul 2022

Angola lifts its State of Public Calamity (Estado de Calamidade)

Below follows some of the rules that apply. The rules may change.

Entry into Angola is subject to a negative Covid-19 test (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours prior to arrival in the country and the presentation of proof of vaccination. 
At the airport, rapid tests are performed on all arrivals paid by the person arriving in the country, if this test is positive, the person must be quarantined until a negative test. Authorities decide whether it will be institutional or home quarantine. Fully vaccinated do not need to be quarantined if the rapid test at the airport is negative. By presidential decree transfer passengers do not need to be tested on landing.  

Presentation of vaccination proof is also required to leave the country. Do not forget to check the regulations of the transit country and the country you are traveling to. 

Please be advised that as from the 14 January 2022 it is compulsory to present a valid Covid-19 vaccination card or negative test (valid for two days) for access to public services, restaurants, schools (for students 18 years old or over), cinemas, gambling houses, sports facilities, beaches and music shows.

- Compulsory and correct use of masks in public areas applies.

This is a selection of the rules that apply. For more information, stay up to date by reading local news.

Swedish citizens are advised to closely follow developments in the country and follow the local news. To find out about current events, including the status of the spread of Covid-19, please refer to local press such as and the Ministry of Health of Angola 

We also advise Swedish citizens to read the Swedish Governments questions and answers on travelling overseas during the Pandemic on 


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