Situation of Public Calamity extended

08 Jul 2021

The current State of Public Calamity (Estado de Calamidade), has now been extended to 8th of August 2021

The state of Public Calamity (Estado de Calamidade), from the stricter State of Emergency, has now been extended to 8 August 2021.

Luanda remains closed off (sanitary fence/ cerca Sanitária) until further notice. Some exeptions are made

Below follows some of the rules that apply - in all provinces except where separate information is stated. The rules may change:

It is recommended that everyone stays at home and a special recommendation to stay at home applies between 24:00 pm - 05:00 am.

- Compulsory and correct use of masks in public areas applies. (Fines apply in case of violation).

- Angola's borders remain closed. Regular flights have gradually resumed.

- People who are ariving from Brazil or India, or have traveled through the countries and who do not live in Angola or are Angolan citizens are not allowed to enter the country. Institutional quarantine applies to all arriving from Brazil or India. 

Exceptions for travels to or from Angola can be granted to:

a) Angolan nationals or persons with a residence permit in Angola, for entry into Angola
b) Professionals to carry out work in Angola in the private or public sector.
c) Foreign persons holding a work visa in Angola
d) Foreign nationals, travel to their respective countries
e) Official trips to the country
f)Humanitarian aid;
g Medical emergencies;
h) Entry to perform specific tasks, for experts;
i) Entry and exit of diplomatic and consular staff.

Entry into Angola is subject of a negative Covid-19 test (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours prior to the arrival in the country. All travelers must submit an online form AngolaTravel Registration Form ( All travellers entering Angola must take a rapit test on arival and then submit to a quarantine, if the test is positive the quarantine must be done in places that are approved by the government. End of quarantine is approved by the local health authorities after performing a negative Covid-19 test no earlier than 10 days after the arrival in the country. For more information regarding the quarantine, we refer to the Presidential Decree. A negative Covid-19 test must also be done before leaving the country by flight. Official visits to Angola that are less than 72 hours are exempted from quarantine rules. 

- Public activities, opening hours 08:00 am to 15:00 pm and the workforce is 75%.

- Sports training is allowed but must comply to biosecurity measures and social distance is compulsory. Competitions are alowed. 

- Individual sports activity can be done outdoors until 20.00 pm. Social distance is compulsory, masks are not.

- Restaurants and the similar, opening hours 6:00 am to 22:00 pm at 50% capacity, max 4 people per table. (Fines apply in case of violation).

- Local markets are allowed Tuesdays to Saturdays. Physical distance between the vendor and buyer is compulsory. Use of masks is compulsory. Same applies for street vendors. Informal markets are prohibited. (Fines apply in case of violation).

- Activities and meetings in premises must not exceed 50% of the premise’s capacity. The use of mask is compulsory.

- Beaches, public pools and other bathing areas as well as marinas are forbidden to visit for recreational purposes.

- Museums, theatres and similar are kept open, but at 50% of the capacity and use of masks is compulsory.

- Public gatherings, a maximum of 10 people in public areas and 15 people at home.

- The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in public places. (Fines apply in case of violation).

- Burials, a maximum of 20 participants. If the cause of death is Covid-19, a maximum of 10 participants. The use of masks and social distancing is compulsory.

This is a selection of the rules that apply. For more information, stay up to date by reading local news.

Swedish citizens are advised to closely follow developments in the country and follow the local news. To find out about current events, including the status of the spread of Covid-19, please refer to local press such as and the Ministry of Health of Angola

We also advise Swedish citizens to read the Swedish Governments questions and answers on travelling overseas during the Pandemic on 

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