Changes to Swedish presence in Angola this autumn

04 Jul 2022

Sweden’s presence in Angola will change in autumn 2022 as a consequence of a decision made by the Swedish Government on 3 November 2021.

As previously announced by the embassy at the meeting hosted by the embassy on 3 December 2021, the embassy in Angola will need to be wound down in autumn 2022.

Sweden’s presence in Angola will therefore change in autumn 2022 as a consequence of a decision made by the Swedish Government on 3 November 2021, whereby a new embassy in Dublin and a new consulate general in San Francisco will be established, and two Swedish embassies – those in Angola and Peru – will therefore need to be closed.

The Swedish Embassy in Luanda will therefore now be wound down. It will close on 15 October 2022, and will be fully closed with final effect from 31 October 2022. The Swedish Government decided in mid-April to establish a position of Ambassador to Angola based at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm at the UD KSU unit, and this position can be assumed once the embassy has closed, i.e. on 1 November 2022.

UD KSU is a unit within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which has a secretariat for Stockholm-based ambassadors. These Stockholm-based ambassadors are Sweden’s representatives in around 30 different countries where Sweden does not have any diplomatic representation in situ, and Angola will be included in this unit from 1 November 2022. The envoys are thus based in Stockholm, but travel regularly to the countries where they are accredited.

A local Swedish presence in Angola will be ensured via an honorary consulate which can assist Swedes in the country, and an honorary consul is currently being appointed.

Business Sweden will also continue to support businesses with interests in Angola from its office in Johannesburg in South Africa, as is currently the case. Contact details for Business Sweden can be found here: South Africa – Business Sweden (

As a result of the embassy being wound down and all that this entails, the embassy’s service and availability will be very limited from July onwards. Enquiries regarding ETDs (emergency travel documents) should be referred to other EU embassies in Angola. It is suggested that regular passport applications should be dealt with when visiting Sweden via the Swedish Police Authority, or via the Swedish Embassy in South Africa or other embassies in the region.

Applications for Schengen visas are not affected by the embassy being wound down. Just as is currently the case, applications should be submitted to the Portuguese Embassy in Luanda, which deals with and decides on applications. You can find more information about visa applications here:

Sweden enjoys excellent relations with Angola, with both the country’s government and other actors, and our bilateral dialogue will continue even though the embassy is now being wound down. Angola is also an important trading partner for Sweden. This change is part of the ongoing adaptation of Sweden’s overseas organisation as a result of changes in the wider world, changing needs and demands, and the budget situation.


Ewa Polano


The Swedish Embassy in Luanda

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