Questions and clarifications AMBU procurement 24 June 2021

Embassy of Sweden, Tirana 24th June 2021

Questions and clarifications to tender dossier UM 2021/06538

Institutional Capacity Building of the Water Resources Management Agency







In the latest Questions and clarifications to tender dossier which was published on 5 May 2021 it was clarified that the Procurement Document has precedence over the Terms of Reference in case of any discrepancy/difference between the two. Consequently, could you please kindly confirm that for the Team Leader position, the following general professional experience which is indicated in the Terms of Reference but not indicated in the Procurement Document is not requested?

“At least 10 years of working experience in advising and working with institutional development within and with the government administration in the region.”

The Procurement Document has precedence over the Terms of Reference in case of any discrepancy/difference between the two.


It is confirmed that the general professional experience for the team leader, referred to in your question is not a must requirement.


Regarding date, time and how to submit the proposal:

In the Procurement document, page 1 it says as follows: “ Tenders must be submitted to the Embassy of Sweden, no later than 2021-07-12 at 17.00hrs.” and on page 5 it says as follows: “The tender should be delivered electronically to the address The tender email shall include the reference number UM2021/06538”.

However, in KommersAnnonseLite it says that one should submit the tender electronically, trough the KommersAnonseLite portal, and that it is not allowed to submit tenders through email. Please see copy from webpage: “Tenders by email are not accepted for this procurement.

Further, on the TED portal it says as follows:

Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate

Date: 12/07/2021

Local time: 23:59


And further:

Information about electronic workflows

Electronic ordering will be used

Electronic invoicing will be accepted

Electronic payment will be used

Please clarify how and when, what time, the tender shall be submitted.

The tender shall be submitted as stated in the procurement document, I e by email with two documents attached, technical and financial proposal.


The deadline is 2021-07-12 at 17.00hrs.


With reference to section “4.1. Subcontractors for the implementation of the assignment”. Shall individual consultants, who have their own company, be considered as  “Subcontractors for the implementation of the assignment” when participating as experts in the tender? Or is this referring to companies with more than one person employed?


Yes, they should be considered as subc-contractors regardless of the number of employees.


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