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Required documents

If your visa application is to be considered, you must submit all required documents. Below you find links to our checklists of what is mandatory and required when submitting an application.

To make your visa application admissable the criterias listed under Checklist Mandatory documents need to be fullfilled. As part of the mandatory requirements you need to submit supporting documents to your application. Failure to submit the required documents will lead to refusal of the application.

Please note that the Embassy nor VFS will not make copies of your originals. You should bring the originals along with a certified copy of the document. 

Please note: If you're applying for more than one (1) entry you have to submit documentation motivating and supporting the reason/s for applying for two- or multiple entries. 

If you plan to visit another country that requires a visa, for example the UK, during or after your stay in the Schengen Area you must prove that you have been granted visa/residence permit to that country.

Last updated 02 Apr 2020, 3.49 PM