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Apply for a visa

Applicants travelling to Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland shall apply at the Embassy of Sweden via VFS Global.

Bookings for lodging a visa application can no longer be made via the Embassy. To lodge an application at the Visa Application Centre please contact VFS Global via

When visiting the Visa Application Centre at the appointed time, please bring your passport with you together with application form and  all additional documents.  If you do not have all the documents with you, there is a risk that your application will be rejected.

Address to the Visa Application Centre:

Goldman House, Plot 58, Stand 2374, Great East Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Wait for the decision

Processing time is 15 days from the date of lodging the application. The period may be extended up to 30 calendar days in individual cases and exceptionally up to a maximum of 60 calendar days. Some nationals must go through a mandatory prior consultation procedure during the assessment of the visa application. This is to check whether any Member States has any objection for issuing a uniform visa. The procedure takes approximately 7-9 days to finalize and up to 14 days if it’s a representation case. Zambian nationals are not included in the list. 

Read more under ‘Required documents’.

Telephone enquires

For any enquires call the Embassy during telephone hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 08.30-09.00 hours.

Telephone number: +260 211 251 711 or email:

As of 6 June 2013, all applicants age 12 and above must have his or her biometric information taken: fingerprints, signature and photograph.

All family members who apply at the same time, including children, must visit the Visa Application Centre.

Apply at the Swedish Embassy

The Embassy offers a restricted number of appointments every week for lodging your application directly at the Embassy. To make an appointment please send an e-mail to

Please note that the waiting time for these appointments is normally longer compared with applying at the Visa Application Centre.