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Extension of temporary entry ban to the EU via Sweden

The temporary entry ban to the EU via Sweden is currently in force until 31 August 2021.

Sweden imposed an entry ban on March 17th, 2020 (SFS 2020:127). The temporary regulation has been extended and is valid until August 31, 2021. However, some categories of travellers are exempted according to the regulation. It is important that you inform yourself about the travel ban and its exceptions before you apply for a visa. If the Swedish Police finds that none of the exemptions are applicable in your case, you may be refused entry at the Swedish Border Control with immediate effect, even if a visa has been granted.

Please visit the Swedish Police websitein order to find out if you are exempted from the entry ban. For information in Swedish please visit https://polisen.se/om-polisen/polisens-arbete/granspolisen/sa-paverkas/

Please see recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden if you've travelled from a country with new variants of the coronavirus (one of the new strains have been identified in Zambia). 

The airline company you are travelling with also has the right to refuse passengers if the airline is uncertain of your right to enter your country of destination.

Please note that you do need a valid passport and necessary permit (residence permit, or visa) in order to enter Sweden, even if you are exempted from the entry ban.

More information on the Swedish government website.

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Last updated 02 Aug 2021, 10.22 AM