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Business for Development

Private sector cooperation gives good value for ODA money, benefits business and improves the life of the poor.

The private sector drives innovation, investments and growth and plays a crucial role in development. To team up with the private sector is therefore an important part of Swedish-Ugandan development cooperation. The Business for Development (B4D) approach is the main vehicle in this endeavor.

Poverty is in decline in Uganda. New markets develop. Many companies have realised that business activities that in addition fight poverty and injustice are of benefit to the individual company in the long run. They know that sustainable business behavior –financially, socially and environmentally – also creates a sustainable market.

At the same time, operators within development assistance have realised that private sector incentives are essential in order for poorer countries to be able to manage without development assistance in the long-run.

To stimulate the private sector to take a greater part in development efforts, Sweden has launched the Business for Development approach. The idea is to build systematic partnerships with the private sector in order to achieve development targets in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Through Public Private Development Partnerships (PPDP), Challenge Funds, Drivers of Change (DoC) and Innovative Financing we cooperate with the private sector in order to achieve these targets.

You can find more information about private sector cooperation on Sida's website.

Last updated 04 Jul 2019, 1.29 PM