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The Section for Turkish - Swedish Cooperation hereby announces its call for applications for projects in 2019.

The Section for Turkish-Swedish Cooperation has promoted collaboration between the two countries since 2001. Based at the Swedish Palace in Istanbul, the Section aims to support civil society organizations throughout Turkey, to function as a resource for our partners, and to provide a platform for public debate. The Section´s support is guided by the Results strategy for Sweden´s reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey 2014-2020. You can find the strategy here.

The work of the Section focuses on the following result areas in the strategy:
- A more pluralistic civil society with strengthened popular support, which promotes democratic accountability.
- That Turkey better fulfils its international and national commitments on human rights, gender equality (including the EU’s strategy for equality between women and men) and non-discrimination.
- That women and men have, to a greater extent, the same power to shape society and their own lives.

For 2019 we particularly welcome applications for projects that focus on:
- Creating opportunities for exercising human rights, especially freedom of expression and advancing democratic participation and accountability.
- Enhancing women’s and girls´ participation and influence in decision-making processes at all levels and in all areas, and providing forums where they can make their voices heard.
- Strengthening a pluralistic civil society that can work against social polarization and discrimination.
- Promoting a free and informed public debate on human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

We encourage projects that foster collaborations between different institutions and sectors of society; that include activities in multiple regions of Turkey and that are co-funded with other grant makers. We also encourage that a gender equality perspective is mainstreamed into the applicant’s organizational structure as well as their working methods and in the activities of the project.

Deadline is set to 22nd of October 2018.

Application guidelines
Legally registered CSOs, foundations, associations, think tanks, academic, political, cultural and governmental institutions are welcome to apply. Applications from individuals or businesses are not eligible.
In order for your project to be eligible for review by the section for Turkish-Swedish Cooperation, you must complete the “Grant Application Form”, which you will find here.

If you have questions regarding your project proposal you can contact the Section by sending an email. Contact information can be found below.

  • The form must be completed in English.
  • Please note the mandatory documents that you need to include your application.
  • Please attach a detailed project description to the application.
  • The budget should be made in Turkish Lira.

The completed application should be sent to the Section for Turkish-Swedish Cooperation by regular mail. The Section does not accept incomplete applications or applications sent by fax or email.

Contact information:
The Section for Turkish -Swedish Cooperation:
Cecilia Bisgen Jansson
Didem Özalp
+90 212 334 06 00
Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul
İstiklal Caddesi No: 247 (Tünel)
P.K. 125
344 33 Beyoğlu İstanbul