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Productive Social Safety Network (PSSN)

To contribute directly to poverty reduction Sweden also supports the Productive Social Safety Network (PSSN) which is nationwide and covers more than one million households, and just above five million individuals, identified as extremely poor.

Every two months the households receive a fixed cash transfer. Households can also receive an additional transfer that is conditional on children attending school and small children brought on regular visits to primary health care centres.

PSSN also includes activities to support opportunities for economic activity through public works and livelihood enhancement components. During the agricultural lean season, when it is difficult to find temporary jobs, labour-intensive projects are implemented (e.g. construction of class rooms and dams for irrigation), hence providing income opportunities as well as contributing in varies ways to the local communities’ development.

The livelihood enhancement component strengthens the households’ capacity to use the cash for economic activities, e.g. savings groups, training in entrepreneurial skills.


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