Sweden & Switzerland

Travel to Sweden and Switzerland during the Corona pandemic

The embassy in Bern receives many inquiries regarding travel to Sweden and Switzerland. We cannot predict how the situation in Sweden, in Switzerland or other neighboring countries will develop. Please note that all restrictions and recommendations can change at short notice. We therefore ask you to keep yourself up to date and to inform yourself about the current situation at the websites of responsible authorities.

Entry rules for Sweden during the corona pandemic
The Swedish police are responsible for the border control to Sweden. The current entry regulations for Sweden will be found on their homepage:
Swedish Police
Swedish Police FAQ, also note the blue boxes at the bottom of the page

Please note that the police information applies to entry into Sweden. The country you are travelling from, the countries you are stopping over in, or the airline may have different requirements. Check this directly with the relevant party.

Entry rules for Switzerland during the corona pandemic
The Swiss Federal Department of Public Health is responsible for providing information on current entry regulations for Switzerland:
Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
With "Travelcheck" you can check whether and under what conditions you can enter Switzerland: Travelcheck | Einreisecheck (admin.ch)

Travel advice from the governments of Sweden and Switzerland:
Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs

Other useful websites to get information on the current situation in the countries and on possible restrictions and information when travelling:

Information Sweden:
The Public Health Agency of Sweden: inform about the situation in Sweden.
Gathered Information from Swedish authorities: Here you can read about restrictions and regulations that you should be aware of if you are planning a stay in Sweden
Swedish government:Questions and answers about the entry ban to Sweden

Information Switzerland:
The Federal Office of Public Health inform about the situation in Switzerland.
The Federal Council

German and Danish representation in Switzerland.

Information Germany:
German embassy in Bern

Information Denmark:
Denmark in Switzerland
Danish embassy in Berlin

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