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If you want to visit Sweden and are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you may need a visa.

Schengen visa applications from residents in South Africa must be submitted at VFS Global’s Application Centers in Pretoria, Cape Town or Durban. The Embassy of Sweden in Pretoria will not be able to receive any applications as of 12 July 2021

To apply for a Schengen visa in South Africa, you need to be a legal resident.

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Please read the rules regarding the temporary entry ban to Sweden and make sure, or at least likely, that you are exempted from the ban, before submitting your application.

For updated information on the entry ban to Sweden, and its exemptions, please visit the website of the Swedish Police Authority.

Travel to and from Sweden | The Swedish Police Authority (polisen.se)

Sweden in South Africa is representing Estonia, which means that if your main destination is Estonia you may apply at VFS Global´s Swedish counter. 

Schengen visa applications will be received by VFS in South Africa and distributed to the Migration Hub at the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi twice a week.  It is important that you apply well in advance. 

Processing time of a Schengen visa is up to 15 working days or longer if required (as per the visa code) and expect the courier of the application an additional one week each way.

When your application has been decided, your passport will be sent back to VFS application center where you submitted your application.

VFS Global´s service charge is 79 Euro which includes the distribution to and from Nairobi. This is in addition to the application fee of 80 Euros for adults and 40 Euros for minors, 6-12 years of age.

The application fee will be charged in USD and the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi will provide VFS Global in South Africa with an exchange rate regularly.  Please visit VFS website in order to find out how to pay the different fees.

As from February 2nd, 2020, applications can be lodged earliest 6 (six) months prior to the start of the intended visit and for seafarers in the performance of their duties, no more than 9 (nine) months before the intended date of departure.

A refusal can be appealed and will be decided by the same court as today, but the initial handling and re-consideration will be conducted by the Embassy in Nairobi.

For more information on the Schengen visa applications in South Africa see following link to the Migration Hub at the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi;

South African residents - Sweden Abroad




25 Mar 2020


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