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Trade with Sweden

The Commercial Section of the Embassy of Sweden serves as an initial point of contact for companies looking to establish commerical links between companies in Singapore, Sweden and Brunei.

Basic enquires on Swedish products and companies will be attended to promptly by the Embassy. Requests for more detailed information will be sent to Business Sweden's office in Singapore, which offers a wide range of assistance in establishing commercial links between companies in Sweden and Singapore as well as Brunei. Commercial services in the form of individual consulting tasks and assignments are also mainly rendered to Swedish companies by Business Sweden's office in Singapore.

Ms Helena Reitberger Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
Ms Hema Selva Commercial Officer

Questions regarding invest or import to Sweden:

Investment related inquiries should be sent to the investment advisor responsible for the concerned industry area at Business Sweden:

Import related inquiries can be redirected to Chamber Trade Sweden (Importhandboken), The Swedish Trade Federation (Sveriges Importörers importhandbok and Importbarometern), the Swedish Customs Service, Trade Partner Sweden (Agenturföretagen).

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