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Visa & migration issues during Covid-19

Because of the ongoing pandemic and the spread of Covid-19 in Pakistan, the Embassy has decided to temporarily reduce some services in migration related cases, including interviews.

This decision has been made to prevent further spread of the virus, and to protect our visitors as well as our staff. The Embassy and the Swedish Migration Agency are aware that it will affect a lot of applicants.

Because of the large number of interviews rescheduled, and adding the requests not yet scheduled, the waiting time is expected to be long. All appointments provided are tentative.

An applicant’s citizenship and place of residence always determine where they should turn to do interviews and with other migration related matters. The same rules apply during Covid-19.

For Pakistani citizens residing in Pakistan it’s only possible to do the interview at the embassy in Islamabad. Afghan citizens have the option of scheduling the interview at the Swedish embassy in Islamabad, Teheran or New Delhi. Please note that other Swedish missions have also been forced to cancel or postpone scheduled appointments because of an increase in the spread of infection.

Link to where an application is processed. (In Swedish)

The Embassy is closely monitoring the development of the pandemic in Pakistan and assesses that interviews must be conducted in reduced capacity now. Rescheduled appointments will be held at the earliest available date and allocated according to the date of the application. The embassy is unable to prioritize some applications above others.

Change the date of appointment

The embassy cannot offer anyone an earlier appointment. The pandemic affects people all over the world and the decision to postpone the interviews at the embassy has been made to mitigate the effects of the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the outbreak. If you are unable to attend an interview at the date provided, please send a request for a postponed appointment through the link below.

Link to appointments.

Last updated 30 Sep 2020, 2.57 PM